Like a butterfly ….

…I will soon be on my way .


tailed jay (2)

blue butterfly 2

Have wings , will flutter . Have feet , will travel.

— that mishmash


14 thoughts on “Like a butterfly ….

  1. Lovely pictures and beautiful thoughts. Have feet, will travel, I keep reminding myself to take advantage of that. Got a few trips lined up for this year, one might even include Goa……*might* being the operative word :). It’s been a while since my last visit and there’s a wedding of the century that will be happening in October. So who knows… have wings, must fly might come into play here 🙂


      1. Leaving tomorrow, but I got to go to the Kala Ghoda Art Festival today!! I think I will come back to Bombay. I love the old buildings here, so much more life happening in your city! ❤

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