Where have all the flowers gone ?

There used to be lots of trees and plenty of bougainvillea around the church in my Parish , then a few months ago most of the trees were hacked and today as I walked passed that road , I noticed the bougainvillea and other flowers had vanished too .


High rises have replaced  trees and barbed wire fencing for security ,where once these beautiful flowers bloomed.

When will they / we ever learn ?


Am sharing a few pictures taken at different places and I hope someday the flowers will return and the children in our Parish will not have to pose around artificial plants and plastic flowers in malls . I sincerely hope.

The title of this post is from a song . I hope some of you would have heard it .

— that mishmash




19 thoughts on “Where have all the flowers gone ?

    1. Yes , that is true . Although the approach road is tree lined but the area around the church lacks green . Wonder what God has to say about cutting all these beauties to build grand structures ? Not a happy face I can imagine but who will put sense into idiots who are beyond redemption ? So irritating !

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    1. Upsetting and I feel helpless too . Makes me want to run to Goa and settle there , atleast it’s green and fresh , although the green patches are diminishing there too . The white ones are common around here . Am glad you liked it . Thanks so much Loretta .😊


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