Happiness is….

…….a homemade cake !

Who needs a special day to bake ?

— that mishmash ( happy the first bake in 2016 turned out just fine


42 thoughts on “Happiness is….

  1. Such a nice blog + read! If you can get a chance, check out my blog. I bake and sell cakes & share all my endeavours on here. Would love for you to read and maybe leave a comment on one of my blogs. Thank you 🙂


      1. I took a two day course in basic sponge cakes and six months later I took a two day course to learn fondant and moulding . That’s about it . The rest is all experiments and some help form online videos too !

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      2. Good to know that. Am taking a course next week on baking and decorating. Let’s see where this leads to. It’s definitely so good to bake. Good to know your interests. Keep posting. Do a fondant cake wish to see them. Happy baking dear.

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      3. Thanks dear. Liked your fondant figurines. Very cute. Good work. U should try some sugar raft flowers. They are so pretty. You don’t like fondant ?? Making ?? Or using them ?? I haven’t laid hands on decorating do I have no idea which interests and which doesn’t. But I like the look of fondant cakes.

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      4. I don’t like eating fondant . Too sweet and something about it just doesn’t tickle my taste buds . I haven’t tried sugar craft flowers . Will do soon. You are right about the look of fondant cakes, they look neat and there’s a lot one can do. Good luck again !

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