Tabula Rasa

Stay or leave?

Embrace or shun?

A part or apart ?

Answers …..none .

— that mishmash


26 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa

    1. You’ve been generous with your likes , so I wouldn’t call that hounding or stalking . It makes me happy that the pictures I share bring cheer to some . Thank you !
      The prawns were yum ( were …all gone !) I wish food was downloadable too and while we are on the wishing bandwagon , I also wish travelling could be free ! Thanks Story Teller , you just drove some of my blues away !

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      1. Haha 😀 I have subscribed to a ton of foodblogs, come afternoon I check them and pester MA to cook. Though she just gives me the look and tells me recipe is given and the kitchen is yours, so be the boss. 😛 I prefer being a panda though 😀

        I wish we could just step into a picture and teleport! 😀 what fun!
        I sort of have the monopoly here on moping about my non existent love life hence the blues are my dept 😀 I wish you all cheer, coffee and cake! 😀

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      2. Monopoly !! Lol Misery loves company , so may be we can find solace in eachother’s space . I love cooking , but sometimes just sitting and ordering around can be fun too . Panda ….I can imagine , I have my sister who fits that bill too ! Hugs to you . Will take the cheer and the cake …can it be tea instead of coffee ? Lol . Cheers !

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      3. Ah, see I knew I would find my soulmate in you! 🙂
        Nothing ever beats chai, strong decoction, less milk with extra sugar! 😀

        Hugs to you too! 😀
        Though fair warning, I’ll self invite myself to dinner next time you cook something this yum and post pictures 😀

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      4. Soulmates !! Have you been watching a lot of Bollywood movies ? ….winks and bear hugs ! Chai anytime , anywhere , any amount …but no sugar ! You are welcome anytime , but you must know I bake much better than I cook . So be ready for some sugar rush !

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      5. Um, I’m srk’s wife (mentally married and poor bugger has no clue I exist 😛 :D). If you were to slit my wrist (please don’t) you’d find romance flow over instead! 😀

        Now I’m feeling bad, I want a warm cake now, with the crusty base 😥

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      6. Haaha ..SRK ???? Gosh , lucky fella ! Ouch ! Don’t talk of cuts and scars …you remind me of a psycho SRK from Darr …lol ! Don’t feel bad , am baking one tomorrow . May be I will post a picture and you can have a virtual slice !
        But SRK ??? Really ??
        Have you waited endlessly outside Mannat too ?

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      7. 8 hours !!! Crazy ! Fought with security …sounds fun !
        SRK not in town …what can I say ? You must have been a naughty girl so santa didn’t make your wish come true or may be you would get too naughty , so santa averted a crisis ! Lol

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      8. Oh that bit is ma’s favourite. If I refuse to do anything, I mean anything at all, setting the dining table, getting dahi from the super market, not filing salt in those shakers, she’ll throw this at me.

        That since I refused this, bhagwan didn’t let me meet srk! And this has been my recurrent wish for about 15 odd years on birthdays, durga puja, random temple visits, you name it! 😀

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      9. Haha 😀 I’ve given up on the sari thing, its a feat to just stand straight in that hell of a drape.

        The last time I wore one, I had a thousand pins dug into its creases to make sure it would sustain, much to my luck, those tiny pins gave me an acupuncture session every time I breathed! Little pokey things!
        And the sweaty palms, oscillating between holding onto the pallu and the pleats.
        Plus heels, that is trauma!

        I’ve warned MA that either I’m wearing jeans and getting married or they can get me married off when I’m 45. No guesses for who wins! 😛
        Sadly in my case it was the sari 😀 people around are very convinced that I’m probably going to find no one to willingly (not even with a tiny gun poking them on the stomach) get into wedded bliss with me 😛

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      10. Ahhh ! The sari is a trauma . Have worn it just twice in my lifetime and those were tense moments. The pallu and the pleats …lol …universal woes !
        Am sure you will find some ‘Rahul’ to sway you off your feet …with a sari or jeans doesn’t matter , but I do hope you’ll hear violins playing in the background when that happens ( a medley of melodies from SRK movies ) !!

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      11. Filmy girl you are ! I can imagine that pose . Wish you luck . May you find those arms ( with the rest of the man obviously ) where you can nestle and or wrestle …whichever suits you ! Ja Simran……..

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      12. HAHAH ! If that is true , then you are only the second person to have said that to me , the first being my husband who has not left himself much of a choice…lol . So yippy ! Sending you loads of love and a big hug !

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