Of apologizing

Of being labelled

Of arguing

Of being misunderstood

Of explaining what I meant

Of clarifying every word

Of  wearing a smile

Of just being me

Of silence

Of humiliation

Of anger

Of making the same mistakes

Oh !!!! Exhausted of loving and living .

So so so exhausted .

— that mishmash



Remembering Rani ki Vav – A UNESCO World Heritage site

The Rani ki vav in Patan , Gujarat.
Descending into a wonder world

Exquisitely and intricately carved Dashavatars ( ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu) , the central theme of the Rani ki vav ( Queen’s step well) , instantly came to mind when a friend mentioned ‘Parashurama’ ( one of the incarantions of Lord Vishnu) .

Vamana  ( Dwarf avatar) and  Rama flanked by Celestial figurines
Varaha , the Boar avatar
Kalki – Vishnu avatar on a horse

Mythological details have never been my strength , infact I hardly remember much once I have come back from a trip , but this visit to Rani ki vav  in Gujarat was different.  So fascinated was I with the gorgeous sculptures , that I remember the names of atleast six of the ten incarnations fairly well , which is quite a feat for me ! However , when I did open up the pictures today , I was stumped when it came to identifying them . I had to go back and forth to various sites to idenitfy a few.

Parashurama – I would never have guessed had the axe not been pointed out to me


Another avatar  – Balarama
Buddha – believed to be another incarnation of Vishnu

Richly carved pillars and an estimated 500 figures  skillfully given shape , with attention to minute details , left me mesmerized .

The first set of pillars
Exquisitely carved Panels


A rather worn out four armed Hanuman

Some parts of the seven levels of this step well are out of bounds for travellers as the structure has suffered damage over the years, but the accesible areas and the architectural splendour on display adequately reflect the meticulous style of  the Solanki dynasty .

Rich friezes
Endless carvings !

Although no amount of pictures can do justice to the beauty of this UNESCO world heritage site , I am sharing a few anyway. Hope you like them.

— that mishmash


Happiness is having a sunshine friend !

Good friends help you to find important things when you have lost them  …..your Smile , your Hope and your Courage .

I got this quote as a forward a couple of weeks ago and I do believe its true . I forwarded this to my most treasured friend who helped me find all three when I had lost them.

Here’s hoping that each of you has that one speical friend who is your sunshine even when the skies are grey .

Happy Sunday !

— that mishmash



She was singing with a stanger , a crazy duet

It was to be just another karaoke night

As they sang , they exchanged glances

And when they danced, he held her tight.


Her heart racing , how would this end ?

Their bodies aching , the music loud

His mouth on hers , she didn’t say no

He held her hand and they lost the crowd.


Giddy passion and tousled sheets

Ripped lace and her garter gone

Strangers in perfect sync

Making music until the dawn.


— that mishmash  ( Singing is a special gift indeed)

P.S. Strangely strangers aren’t so strange after all !


Help me make it through the night

One of my dad’s favourites and over the years I have heard him sing this one so many times . He loves the Engelbert version but I like the Lynn Anderson version , so am posting that one .

Sometimes , for no specific reason ,  a song just makes its way into my head and refuses to leave. This is one such night and tonight it happens to be this song – Help me make it through the night .

The lyrics go like this ..

Take the ribbon from my hair
Shake it loose and let it fall
Lyin’ soft against your skin
Like the shadow on the wall

Come and lie down by my side
In the early mornin’ light
All I’m takin’ is your time
Help me make it through the night

I don’t care if it’s right or wrong
I won’t try to understand
Let the devil take tomorrow
Lord, tonight I need a friend

Yesterday is dead and gone
And tomorrow’s out of sight
I don’t want to be alone
Help me make it through the night

— that mishmash ( Let the devil take tomorrow …..)