Nature has magic to offer…

…….you  just need to believe !

Nature’s Corsage
……like strings of beads
A drizzle of colour amidst the green
Jack fruits ….who would guess the soft slimy fruit has such an exterior !
Perched pair …wondered what they are ?
We used to call these blue bells in school !

Took these pictures as I walked around a lovely picnic spot in Badlapur near Mumbai .  For those who are looking for a quiet weekend away from Mumbai, Badlapur is a nice place to unwind. These are pictures from around the place I stayed in . It’s called ‘ Farmer’s den’ and is managed by a jolly couple ( you can find details online).

Take some time off and walk around the place , there’s enough magic to leave you spellbound.

— that mishmash


15 thoughts on “Nature has magic to offer…

  1. Awesome pictures. I agree always nature has some magic to offer. Whenever nature offers its beauty it is the lovely moment to capture. Beautifully captured. Liked each one of it. Esp. the jackfruit description – it’s always true and evident that outer beauty is not important. One who is beautiful in heart is the best. Happy week ahead.

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