Like random flowers….

…..random kisses have their own beauty .

Frangipani . unexpectedly spotted near a building

Surprise someone you love by planting a kiss on them  when they least expect it . It works for me always !

Bougainvillea @ Maharashtra Nature Park , Mumbai
Am not sure what this one is called but it looked pretty to me

I once received an email with just a kiss icon and it was the most unexpected mail I had ever received . Random is good ! What do you think?

— that mishmash




16 thoughts on “Like random flowers….

    1. Thank you Loretta . A snowstorm ! Hope it does not cause much of a bother .I do have pictures of bougainvillea in about four different colours . Someday I will probably compile them all in a post. Stay safe and a warm hug !

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      1. There’s a book called “Romancing the ordinary” if you ever care to look it up. The author is Sarah Ban Breathnach. It has lovely ideas of all kinds of things to romance the ordinary for each month of the year. I also have her book called “Simple Abundance” permanently on my bedside table:-)

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