Chasing butterflies !

I have been chasing butterflies figuratively for a long time but today I did for real . I got back from a short trip last night but somehow was restless this morning so I  headed to the Maharashtra Nature Park , Mumbai.


Some hits and some misses but it was fun to go about like a child while mum and Ry joined in the fun .


Happiness is ….chasing butterflies !


Which one did you like most? Would love to know .

Will post more later but I couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures. Have a happy week !

— that mishmash



40 thoughts on “Chasing butterflies !

    1. Thank you Nee. The one you like is actually a pale blue and black one and I had to remind myself I was in a public place when I got that picture or I would have begun my happy dance and my mum and Hub would disown me !!

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  1. Megha Patel

    They all are beautiful!! I love love love butterflies – but around where I live finding one is very rare. Or at least I am not fortunate enough to see this beauty. Thank you for sharing!

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      1. Megha Patel

        Same!! The wings. I have a childhood memory of a purple butterfly. That’s one of my favorite. It stayed around me for a long time while I was alone playing by myself. Then it flew away. The memory is still fresh. Ever since then I have been fascinated by them.

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