Charming Chail

As the Christmas decorations are packed in boxes to be put away until next year , the pine cones remind me of Chail.

chail pine cone
Happiness is picking up pine cones that are strewn around !

As we were driving from Shimla to Chail in North India , I was excited to see pine cones on trees and strewn along the road.

chail oine tall
I looked up and this is all I saw…

I stopped and picked them up and brought them home as mementos.

chail trek
Moving towards the log cabin

The little log cabin we stayed in was surrounded by deodar trees and pines .

chail log huts
Felt like babes in the woods
chail hut 3
If woodland pixies exist , am sure they were somewhere around

The chilly breeze and the quietude of the place gave it an eerie feeling  and the spider outside the room gave me the creeps but in the end we managed to have a wonderful time.

spidey 2
Yikes !
chail lac tree 2
and some more surprises …

I will soon write about Chail Palace and share a few pictures of the elegant interiors but today I feel extremely nostalgic and remember Anu ( my friend , guide and entertainer ) and so I leave you with just a few pictures of the beauty that welcomed us into Chail.

Dedicated to A. You really gave me some sunshine yesterday .


28 thoughts on “Charming Chail

      1. Thanks A . Check the post now.
        Have been to Delhi twice before but another trip is in the offing cause I haven’t explored Delhi the way I really would have liked to . So sure , you will be one of the first to know .

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      2. Ah, that looks splendid ;). Thank you MM for this acknowledgement, truly humbled. And yes, that is the beauty of life, one can get happiness in the most unexpected of places and moments :). Looking forward to catching up in the capital as you would like it !

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Sonia D'Costa

      If you don’t mind, may I know what camera you use? Photography is my latest passion and I dunno head or tail about it. I want to buy a nice camera, but haven’t the foggiest idea about it.

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