Lohagad Fort : Lonavala

One of the most frequented hill stations in Maharashtra , Lonavala is nestled in the Sahyadris and adjacent to another popular hill station – Khandala.

Strategic location


Most Mumbaikars visit this small hill station in the monsoon as it transforms into a trekker’s paradise at the time but it can be too crowded and noisy during those months.


Last Saturday we decided to explore another side of Lonavala and finally made it to Lohagad fort , something we hadn’t been able to accomplish in a very long time and as expected this part of Lonavala was quiet and serene

Built in a way to confuse the enemy

Lohagad is a Marathi word which means ‘ Iron Fort’. This fort  was a bastion of the Maratha warriors and was later captured by the Mughals.

The Ganesh Darwaza
A few details remain intact

Shivaji Maharaj lost control of this fort when he signed the Treaty of Purandar and later managed to regain the fort.

At the entrance

Overlooking the Pavana reservoir , the climb to the top is rewarding as it offers breath taking views of the mountains and the river.

The Sahyadris
Pavana River

The trek was easy and there were just a couple of small groups we met on the way up .

As we go up

Although this fort finds a mention in the history text books of the state board , it is in a sorry state of affairs . Except the main entrance – The Ganesh Darwaza , it was difficult to identify any other significant part within the fort due to the absence of sign boards.

Look at that door


From where the enemy was attacked
Secret pathways …… now blocked

There is some restoration work in progress but beyond a point there was rubble and no well defined pathway , so we decided not to go all the way up.

In need of maintenance

There is no entry fee to explore the place and that is probably one reason why the upkeep of this fort has been completely neglected . A nominal entry fee is not a bad idea to preserve such heritage.

Scattered …
A stone inscription ( I wish there was some information about this )

Am glad I finally made it to Lohagad , who knows in the next few years what remains of this hill fort ….

This was like planet of the monkeys… too many of them








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      1. True , I first started with the places around Mumbai and late night photography , since time has always been a sparse resource. Now , I have more leisure time so just practice whenever I can. Start somewhere , you will surprise yourself , am sure.

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