A journey to remember

The long journey from Shimla to Manali is one I can never forget.

beas again
The river Beas
beas more
I lost count of how many times we stopped to just admire the river

There are some journeys that tire the body and you can’t wait for them to end and then there are those that rejuvenate your tired soul and make you want to keep going .

manali settlements
Wouldn’t you love a cottage here?
approaching manali 2
A cloudy Manali sky
manai view 2 from room
The view from my room

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better , Ry opened the window in my room and this is what we saw.

Can’t wait to hit the road again.




23 thoughts on “A journey to remember

  1. Lalitha

    MANALI!..This is where I fell in LOVE!!! With the mountains!…My heart and soul were so deeply filled with emotions previously unknown which I call love for lack of a better word. So much so that it led to a for- life long relationship with them mountains. I dont think I can feel for anyone or anything the way I feel about Manali and its misty air.

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      1. Lalitha

        Unfortunately that is the sad, sad truth of all places pristine and heavenly. Nothing makes a human happier than destroying nature is what I end up feeling at the end of every beautiful trip..

        Liked by 1 person

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