Like a bird …

ryan par 4
At Solang Valley, Manali


Travelling has taught me a lot and made me overcome fears that I never believed I could conquer.During my second trip to Manali ,I finally mustered the courage to paraglide.

One of the most memorable moments of my life. Those few minutes of paragliding cannot be described !

Wondering if I would really run off the cliff or chicken out , but glad I did what I always wanted to do .

solang pri 8
Like a bird !


Telling myself it was not a big deal , running to the edge and letting go ….and then I flew like a bird . The scenic sights from above , those snow covered mountains and pine trees made me wish I could  just keep flying !


11 thoughts on “Like a bird …

  1. Lovely photos! I didn’t paraglide in Manali, but in Bir-Billing. The first time we tried to take off (me and my pilot), we fell down (thankfully we didn’t roll off the cliff). When we finally did take off I was nervous and then moments later found myself chit-chatting with the pilot. Happy to know you did paragliding too! In Billing, some paragliders glide on full moon nights – it’s dangerous but they seem to love it.

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    1. Oh yes, I saw that happening and the pilots who were losing their patience, understandably so . I just braced myself and was very nervous but managed it in the first go . I have heard of Bir-Billing . You must have heard a wonderful time . I wouldn’t dare do it at night .

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      1. I did. I lived there for 3 months. It was lovely. One also heard stories of how some amateur paraglider landed in somebody’s field and had to pay for the damage done to the crops. It was a time when there were more paragliders than birds in those skies.

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