Nature has magic to offer…

…….you  just need to believe !

Nature’s Corsage
……like strings of beads
A drizzle of colour amidst the green
Jack fruits ….who would guess the soft slimy fruit has such an exterior !
Perched pair …wondered what they are ?
We used to call these blue bells in school !

Took these pictures as I walked around a lovely picnic spot in Badlapur near Mumbai .  For those who are looking for a quiet weekend away from Mumbai, Badlapur is a nice place to unwind. These are pictures from around the place I stayed in . It’s called ‘ Farmer’s den’ and is managed by a jolly couple ( you can find details online).

Take some time off and walk around the place , there’s enough magic to leave you spellbound.

— that mishmash



The government museum building and the high court in Bangalore …too flashy , don’t you think ?

I have seen many flashy structures through my travels , but these are definitely the brightest of them all !

The Government Museum , Bangalore



Entry inside the high court complex was prohibited . A shot from outside .

What do you think ?

Carpe Diem

The first picture I took from the little window in the train compartment as we began our journey from Mumbai to Goa.

For someone who dreads train journeys , this picture was enough to convince me that the journey would be one that I’d remember for a long time .

— that mishmash