Dronagiri hills: Hidden ruins in Uran

At Mora on the way to Uran

A family reunion , a trip to Uran after 18years and an unexpected trek was how I spent the weekend.


The way up


Uran is a small fishing village and lies to the east of Mumbai across the Dharamtar Creek. The place was called Uruvan by the locals in the area and renamed as Uran by the Portuguese who once ruled the place.

Remains of the fort


On the 26th of December after a night of fun and dance ,  Uncle Neil  suggested a trek up the Dronagiri hills the next morning and 15 of us immediately agreed.

Our lady of Penha  Chapel


The hills are watched over by the CISF as the proximity to the ONGC plant makes it a high risk area. We lost our way twice but didn’t mind that as the path leading up to the ruins was a beautiful one .

Bell tower


Nothing much remains of the fort , except the entrance arch .The ruins of the 485 year old Portuguese chapel ‘Our Lady of Penha of Karanja’ made the trek memorable. The Portuguese ruled this part of the peninsula between 1534 and 1739.


Entrance arch to the Chapel


We were surprised to see the front façade of the chapel and the bell towers on either side still intact as compared to the side walls which have fallen apart.



It was a memorable trip with the family , trekking with my uncles and aunts  was quite a feat too and finding those ruins at the top felt like a page out of an eerie movie .



To get there  :

We took a speed jetty from Dockyard to Mora

From Mora, a rickshaw can be hired to Karanja Village.








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