It is that time of the year…

When the mail is most awaited . Recognizing the familiar writing on the envelope and opening those cards always puts a smile on my face. Am lucky that most of my friends and family believe in handmade cards and am always excited to see what they have in store for me just as I love surprising them .

When the oven begs for some rest and chocolate trails are left all over the shelves.

My gift to a special aunt

When the crib is set and we wait to uncover the babe after midnight mass.



When the tree is decorated and the children in the family are excited to find their presents under it.

Ready for the presents


When the poinsettia brings some red cheer by the window.


When the knick- knacks are out and every thing looks merry and bright .


…but most of all this is the time of the year to whisper a special prayer for all those who have left indelible imprints in our lives , a time to forgive and forget .

I think we are almost ready, how about you ?

Have a fun time all !


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