For the kisses on my toes

of which no one knows

For the silly things you shared

and the times you showed you cared

For the times you had to leave and I wouldn’t let go

so you’d stay a little longer , those five minutes more

For all that there was or wasn’t  between you and me

For that which could have been but never will be…… the heart yearns.

—that mishmash





30 thoughts on “Saudade

      1. I got a book recently, The Inner Voice of Love by Henri Nouwen, and it has some pearls of wisdom. Now the man says that love deeply even if it is going to break your heart. It is like a plow that breaks the ground to allow the seed to take root and grow into a strong plant…

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    1. Nice metaphor that , but am wondering what could grow out of a heart that’s not just broken but seemingly permanently fallow . What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ….well or it just leaves you to suffer much longer ….no ?

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      1. I don’t think I have an answer to that. I suppose that those who have left were not meant to stay for any longer. I am in the same boat, and every day is a different story – you feel strong, then you feel weak again. It’s exhausting yes but…I try and send messages to the universe, hoping my mothership will be sent for me one day. Until then, try and make the most of this one life…Bill Murray said no…it’s not a dress-rehearsal, it’s your life!

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      1. Also , I don’t do funny often , but reading your posts is kind of rubbing some funny on to me …hahah . My entry for the two phrase story is my humble attempt , Sir . And I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

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