Marzipan Moments and Cookie Confusion

Coming together to make some Christmas goodies is a special time in many families.  I haven’t been feeling as elfin as I feel every year but couldn’t dampen everyone’s spirits around and here’s how it went.

Rolling out kulkuls ,  frying rose cookies and baking the traditional baath cake come to my mind .  Times have changed , people are busier but fortunately some traditions are here to stay.

This time the family decided to try out something new. We short listed two favourites  – marzipan and chocolate cookies.

Marzipan mould


Goans love cashews and marzipan, a sweet made out of their most treasured nut, is a must in the festive season . Every year we ask an aunt to make them for us , but this year we decided to give it a go .

Jim Reeves singing Christmas carols , aprons , measuring  cups and lots of confusion , that was how today flew by.

Marzipan – Cashewnut Delights


The chocolate cookies were simpler but each one had their own ideas of how they wanted them to look. Finally , we had some with sprinkles , some with choco chips and some topped with nuts. Sometimes confusion brings variety .

Chocolate Cookies


The end result was a tired but a happy family. We used a simple recipe from a book and this one that I found online is very similar, if you want to have your own marzipan moments.

I hope the sweetness of the season helps take away some bitterness that I may have left in a few hearts , knowingly or unknowingly. That would make this Christmas a truly merry one.

Happy Holidays all .

—that mishmash


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