Sail away with me to Alleppey

The backwaters of Alleppey in Kerala and a night on a houseboat have to be experienced to believe that paradise is not too far away.

allepey hb palm view


Palm fringed waters and cormorants make for a perfect setting to lounge around on the upper deck and lose track of time .

allepey cormorant om pole

allepey birds duo

allepey hb anchored

The journey through the crisscrossing network of canals is a fantastic opportunity to be one with nature .

allepey again

allepey palm stretch

Although my visit was not perfectly timed to catch a glimpse of the much acclaimed ‘Nehru Trophy boat race’ ,  it was exciting to spot one of the ‘snake boats’ ( Chundan Vallam), as they are called , anchored in a quiet spot.

snake boat
Snake Boat


A song that kept humming in my head on this journey was Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton singing  …..Sail away with me to another world ……

allepey canoe
Home delivery from a boat
tiger prawns
Buying some fresh catch
house boat fish
Something fishy and it was fab
pri ry house boat
The house boat we lived in





Another world it was and a beautiful one too.





14 thoughts on “Sail away with me to Alleppey

  1. Ahhh you brought me back memories of my visit..loved it. .but was a little disappointed when the house boat anchored at a place far away from the city at night..but was a fun experience…waking up and gazing out into the floating water was like amazing..😆😆😍😍😍

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    1. If I could I would love to visit Kerala again and again and some more. The houseboat experience was super romantic . Yes they did anchor near a village and it was very very quiet. Am glad this could take you down memory lane.

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