Why throw when you can do more?



Have a mineral water bottle ? Turn into a snowman to sit by your window .

What to use  :

A plastic bottle painted white

An old sock for the hat


Anything else that you fancy to make frosty look  jolly .





11 thoughts on “Why throw when you can do more?

  1. Very cute frosty! And a super idea, but what bother me is… I haven’t bought a plastic bottle in a couple of years and I hope to do this more seriously in the coming year. Every time I buy a book online I feel guilty looking at the packaging. There is too much plastic and other trash floating around. As I am writing this, I know that at least for now I am very much a part of this collective madness. But I am encouraging myself to take that plunge – just like you mentioned in your poem too 🙂

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    1. Am glad you and I think alike here. This was a plastic bottle I picked up from the garden outside our home. We avoid buying anything sold in plastic bottles and am sure more people should take such steps , however small , to make a miniscule difference.

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      1. The other thing I sometimes like to do is take out staple pins pinned to tree trunks – you know how people use tree trunks for free spaces for advertisements….have you ever noticed, there about a 100 staple pins on almost every tree? 😦 Anyway, glad to have found your blog. Will keep coming back.

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