Vembanad Bird Sanctuary

                                             If only wings could sprout

from these jaded arms…

If only , perched on a branch,

I could watch the world go by….

If only someone would stop

to listen to me warbling ….

—that mishmash


kumarmakoram water

Kottayam, in Kerala, is where the Vembanad lake welcomes tired souls .

It promises quietude and delivers. Birds are everywhere but not everyone can spot them easily , at least not all of them. Enjoying this treasure hunt of sorts can be rejuvenating .


The largest heronry in Kerala is a paradise for those who can befriend silence , be patient and look out for subtle movements of these feathered friends.

white breasted kingfisher beauty
White breasted Kingfisher
brown heron (2)
Pond Heron
cormorants more more
Ubiquitous Cormorants
As if trapped





Watch out


The waters were unruffled ,  the birds seemed unbothered and a few worries in this humming head were blotted out momentarily.

An evening shot

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