Silvassa Sojourn

tree tunnel 2
Taking the road less travelled : Silvassa


Many would know that most parts of India were colonized by the British , however a few parts of India were under the Portuguese rule too .

deer park 3
Walk around at deer park


The first state that comes to mind when one mentions ‘ Portuguese rule in India’ is Goa . The lesser known Union territory of Dadra Nagar Haveli , which was also under the Portuguese rule , fails to ring a bell. The capital of this almost obscure Union territory is Silvassa .

hirva van - arch
Enjoy a quiet moment at Hirva van

hirva van 3


The Portuguese named this small village of Silvassa ‘ Vila de Paço d’Arcos’ after a small town by the same name in Lisbon.

trees in the river
Enjoy the view at Madhuban Reservoir
panaroma point  view 2
Soak in the sights



I first heard of Silvassa in a Geography class , the first time we were introduced to the map of India and had to memorize the states and union territories with their capitals . That was such a daunting task and Dadra Nagar Haveli just seemed outlandish to be the name of a union territory .

art gal warli sil
Warli Painting Display


The second time I heard of this place was in an article about Warli paintings.

Tribal Museum
Warli painting display at the Tribal Museum, Silvassa
tribal utilities
A grinding stone and Chicken coop basket displayed inside the museum
art gal masks
Masks in the museum




In a workshop ,  my friends and I learnt that the tribes living in and around Silvassa not just practiced this unique art style but also spoke in a language known by the same name ‘ Warli’.  This was reason enough to make me want to go to Silvassa and I did just that.

view from dudhni jetty 2
Boating at Dudhni Water Sports Complex
dudhni 3
Jocund Company in the river



This small union territory is nestled between the sates of Gujarat and Maharashtra and although it has been industrialized over the years , it still has scenic spots and off beat trails.

If you believe in finding a quaint place to lose yourself for a few days , Silvassa may just be what you are looking for.




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