Kecak dance : Chants and Trance


A group of men , chanting in chorus as a story from the Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’ is performed .

The Kecak dance is a Balinese dance performance that holds your attention despite no fancy props or overwhelming music.

The perfect setting

The sacred dance , in the presence of fire begins just before sundown.

Blessing sought before the performance

The discipline of the men as they walk in , all dressed in black and white sarongs and a hibiscus flower tucked behind one ear , their incessant chant of ‘cak’ and the way the story of Sita’s rescue is played out , it leaves the spectators spell bound.

The atmosphere is filled with ‘cak cak cak’
The performers trickle in
Sita within the Laxman Rekha
Hanuman to the rescue
A spectacle to watch
Etched in my memory

This is where a cappella and story telling meet perfectly.

— that mishmash ( from my Indonesian travel diary )


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