For all seasons

Don’t need a special day

Or a specific reason

To let you know

You’re my man for all seasons.


You’ve held my hand in the darkest hour

Unspoken words you comprehend

You’re my man for all seasons

And most of all you’re my best friend.


Yesterday may not have been perfect

What tomorrow holds we’ve yet to see

But I know you’re my man for all seasons

And you always always will be.

— that mishmash ( For Ry –  I don’t know how you do what you do.)



She’s  standing outside his door

Waiting to be let in once more

To tell him he is a part of her

To hold his hand and never let go

Weak and wasted , she hopes and prays

One day he’ll know she’s not wicked and vile

May be then he’ll unbolt the door

And she will find her vanished smile.

— that mishmash ( for wordsmith)


Dronagiri hills: Hidden ruins in Uran

At Mora on the way to Uran

A family reunion , a trip to Uran after 18years and an unexpected trek was how I spent the weekend.


The way up


Uran is a small fishing village and lies to the east of Mumbai across the Dharamtar Creek. The place was called Uruvan by the locals in the area and renamed as Uran by the Portuguese who once ruled the place.

Remains of the fort


On the 26th of December after a night of fun and dance ,  Uncle Neil  suggested a trek up the Dronagiri hills the next morning and 15 of us immediately agreed.

Our lady of Penha  Chapel


The hills are watched over by the CISF as the proximity to the ONGC plant makes it a high risk area. We lost our way twice but didn’t mind that as the path leading up to the ruins was a beautiful one .

Bell tower


Nothing much remains of the fort , except the entrance arch .The ruins of the 485 year old Portuguese chapel ‘Our Lady of Penha of Karanja’ made the trek memorable. The Portuguese ruled this part of the peninsula between 1534 and 1739.


Entrance arch to the Chapel


We were surprised to see the front façade of the chapel and the bell towers on either side still intact as compared to the side walls which have fallen apart.



It was a memorable trip with the family , trekking with my uncles and aunts  was quite a feat too and finding those ruins at the top felt like a page out of an eerie movie .



To get there  :

We took a speed jetty from Dockyard to Mora

From Mora, a rickshaw can be hired to Karanja Village.







It’s a Goan thing…

Dad asked me this evening if I wanted SORPOTEL ( a spicy Goan pork dish , another Portuguese influence ) and was surprised / shocked when I said no. How can you not want sorpotel ?????

Well , if you are a Goan  ‘you CANNOT tire of sorpotel’  seems to be an unwritten rule , among many others. Here are a few of my observations …

It’s a Goan thing –

When you offer beer , feni or urak instead of tea , coffee or a lemonade anytime of the day or night .

When there’s no such thing as too much coconut.

When you expect your kid to JIVE after he/she learns to walk. NO EXCUSES ! ( Developmental psychology missed this one )

When all the aunties and uncles and cousins come on to the dance floor to dance to MARIA PITACHE . It is not our state song , or is it ?

When the DJ is threatened if he doesn’t play the GOAN MASALA(not a spice mix but a medley of songs)  . This is so true in Mumbai where we have two medleys to choose from at receptions , the East Indian masala and the Goan Masala .

When a wedding is boycotted if you know there’s no booze going to be served. No SORO ( alcohol) ..sorry we can’t make it .

When punctuation marks are substituted with ‘MEN’. What men ? Ya men ! How men?  WHY men? ( Seriously , Why men ? )

When adjectives are repeated and it is perfectly acceptable. Have it , it is hot hot !

When a buffet is incomplete without SORPOTEL , SANA ( like idlis) , VINDALOO AND XACUTI .

When you can eat Goan Chorizo ( sausage ) at any time and be the happiest person in the world ! ( I love love love Chorizo )

When all men in the family are called BABA and the women BAI . Confusion!

When you are expected to play ATLEAST one musical instrument and if you don’t, it can be quite embarrassing at parties .

When you are expected to be a good singer and even if you are not , you pretend just so that you fit in .

When listening to the voice of Alfred Rose or Lorna makes you smile and hum along.

When you think SUSEGAD is the perfect way of life ! ( May be it is )

When you are irked with these Goenkar ways of doing things but still can’t help loving Aamche Goa ( like me ).

Viva Goa !

Do you know a Goan or are you one or have you travelled to Goa ? Any observations to add to the list ?


It is that time of the year…

When the mail is most awaited . Recognizing the familiar writing on the envelope and opening those cards always puts a smile on my face. Am lucky that most of my friends and family believe in handmade cards and am always excited to see what they have in store for me just as I love surprising them .

When the oven begs for some rest and chocolate trails are left all over the shelves.

My gift to a special aunt

When the crib is set and we wait to uncover the babe after midnight mass.



When the tree is decorated and the children in the family are excited to find their presents under it.

Ready for the presents


When the poinsettia brings some red cheer by the window.


When the knick- knacks are out and every thing looks merry and bright .


…but most of all this is the time of the year to whisper a special prayer for all those who have left indelible imprints in our lives , a time to forgive and forget .

I think we are almost ready, how about you ?

Have a fun time all !


For the kisses on my toes

of which no one knows

For the silly things you shared

and the times you showed you cared

For the times you had to leave and I wouldn’t let go

so you’d stay a little longer , those five minutes more

For all that there was or wasn’t  between you and me

For that which could have been but never will be…… the heart yearns.

—that mishmash




Folklore Museum Kochi : A Treasure Trove

The folklore museum in Kochi is a storehouse of historical artifacts and a wealth of information. Pictures of this three -storied building made me add this one to my list . The building itself is an architectural wonder combining styles of Malabar , Cochin and Travancore.



The gate caught my eye



The entrance to this beautiful museum building has been painstakingly put together using the remnants of an archaic temple in Tamil Nadu. Wood carvings collected from all over the state of Kerala have been assembled aesthetically and used to give ornate details to the building.


It has a vast collection of costumes which are used in various ritualistic and traditional dances in Kerala. There are masks , paintings, musical instruments , sculptures , oil lamps , wood carvings and lots more to see.

Burial Urns


Kathakali Costume
Display of murals

FOLKLORE MUSEUM MURAL DISPLAYThe gem in the building is the theatre with a ceiling made of murals and wooden carved frames which look grand and exquisite.




Performance theatre
The stage



With more than 4,000 artifacts on display ,  this is a treasure trove to be explored in Kochi, Kerala. It is a lesser known museum which is definitely  worth a visit.