Fine balance – ant and bottlebrush


Taken on the last morning in Malshej when I woke up earlier than usual and decided to go out . This ant on a bottle brush left me in awe. Almost like a dance , balancing on those feelers and towards the end I thought it was attempting yoga !


Malshej Ghat

Spent three quiet days away from the city . A mountain pass in the Western ghats , Malshej is nestled in the rugged Sahyadri ,130 km away from Mumbai. Known for its waterfalls  and mist , there’s more to the ghats . A few pictures from my early morning walks .







Giving love a chance

As she looked into the mirror , she knew something had changed. This was not the first time she was in love  , but it felt different. She hadn’t felt so buoyant in years . This is what love does , makes you feel alive and happy.

She wasn’t falling in love this time , but beginning to love herself .


Mama and baby left home . The 15 month old excited to wear a rain coat for the first time while her mum carried three paper boats and sang ‘ I hear thunder’ as they walked towards a puddle .

She jumped in  , splashed around , let the rain drops kiss her and waved good bye to the paper boats as they  sailed merrily .

The baby watched and clapped in excitement . Mama was a child again 🙂 Two kids returned home .

( That’s my story ! When was the last time you made paper boats ? )



At the school reunion , his heart skips a beat , as he looks at her .

Was it really 35 years ago that they had made memories together?

He has kept her smiles hidden , fading in his trunk in the garage . He opens the album sometimes , too scared to touch those black and white images  for fear of damage .

Here she is , much like those images ,time- worn yet beautiful ,  but he’s too scared to touch a chord for fear of further damage .