Happy Easter


R tried something different this year and he’s done a pretty good job ! Last year was a little experiment with chocolate, this year has been extremely busy so he decided to do a quick fix ( wasn’t that quick though) .

Midnight mess in the kitchen , lots of cashews and stirring and a few marzipan chicks 🙂

Have a blessed day all !

Hide and Seek

They find their way out

of the maze-like confines

and spill without warning

sometimes on blank sheets

incoherent verses and twisted tales

or arrange themselves

on melancholic staves

Those unspoken words

and unvoiced feelings

that I’d hoped would be lost

in the rubble deep inside

They find their way out

and lay bare my soul

until within the ruins

I find a place for them to hide

so that the cracks remain invisible

and the world may see a whole









Of childhood memories , cartoons and crayons


1995 Flashback

Those were super carefree days and cartoon network was a hot favourite . Flintstones , The Jetsons, Captain Planet , Scooby Doo and all those happy hours !



We would exchange stickers of the various cartoon characters in school and drawing each  of these was fun .



I remember some of us always carried our crayon boxes and would get busy when it was a ‘free period’ and the substitute teacher was kind enough to let us do whatever we pleased .It was a year of transition , shifting from afternoon school hours to early morning , from pencils to pens and from crayons to water colours.


I’d cut them once I reached home and stick them in a notebook. Found one of those books yesterday and it took me back to 1995 and fifth grade fun ! So many memories , so many smiles and nostalgia !






Those were the days 🙂