Butterfly conservatory (2)

Some more pictures from the butterfly conservatory , Goa .



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Butterfly conservatory in Goa

Goa – our first trip in 15 months and our first with the little one. This is also the first time in 33 years that I didn’t stay at home but chose to live in South Goa and then in Fontainhas, Panjim . Most of my posts in the weeks to come will be about Goa and all things Goan . I hope you enjoy them .

I begin with the butterfly conservatory in Priol , Ponda. This one is just 25 km away from my ancestral home and I had not heard of it until a couple of months ago. On our way to the spice garden ( Sahakari spice garden) in Ponda  , we managed to find this small butterfly park . This is a place not on the regular tourist circuit and many might not find it worth the travel. It is an open park so you might spot many butterflies on a given day or a few , but it still is a pretty place for nature enthusiasts .The place has been started and is maintained solely by the efforts of a passionate couple who’ve painstakingly converted this barren piece of land into something worthwhile .I quite enjoyed my time here.




The little things


They make me smile

The little things

When my baby claps

And my grandma sings.

They make me smile

The little things

Wild flowers , dancing grass

Merry butterfly wings.

They make me smile

The little things

Paper boats , balloons

Seesaws and swings.

They kiss them all away

heartaches , wounds and stings

They make me smile

They make me smile

These precious little things.





Kashmiri wazwan in Bombay

I still remember how excited I was when I travelled to Kashmir ten years ago . It was my first trip to the valley and I had some great company too . Apart from spending a night on a houseboat , I was also very keen to taste the much talked about wazwan – a multi course feast . Unfortunately, a few hours before we were scheduled to experience this culinary delight, I lost my camera and it left me devastated . I was angry with myself for having been so careless and decided to stayed put in my room . The next day we were travlleing back to Bombay and that’s how I missed my chance of tasting an authentic wazwan.

Two weeks ago , as I entered Poush , a Kashmiri themed restaurant in Bombay , I knew what I was going to be ordering – wazwan 🙂

We opted for the half trammi for two and thank heavens it was a very late lunch cause one has to be super hungry to finish all that food !



We were first served a heap of rice with methi maaz ( mutton flavoured with fenugreek) , seekh kebab , nadier palak tikki ( spinach and lotus stem cutlets …super yum ) , kabargah ( lamb ribs cooked in milk with spices and ghee) and fried chicken .

Then came these ….


Roti with Rogan josh ( how I love this curry !  ) , rista ( it said meat ball curry but there was a seekh kebab in the curry instead ) , nadier palak ( lotus stem  and spinach curry … something about this combination just works for me ..heavenly ) , safed kokur ( white chicken curry ) , and rajma ( kidney beans in a red thick curry ) .  So many meat dishes in one meal , unlike most thalis I’ve enjoyed across the country . Every curry was perfectly balanced .


Then came the dessert , phirni ( rice pudding ), which was absolutely melt in the mouth 🙂


The meal ended with  kahwah ( mildly spiced green tea with saffron and almonds ) . Our senses ,that had rock and rolled to the different flavours , now did a slow waltz with each sip and finally it was time to get out of our shikara ( boat setting …yes that’s the bonus ) and head home .

Poush , the name of the restaurant , comes from the  saffron flower that blooms in the Kashmir valley . Am glad this one bloomed in Bombay !