Maximum city , Minimum preparedness

IMG_3051 IMG_3059IMG_3060IMG_3076Botched Management Corporation (BMC)   does it again . 


I wish I were lost deep in the woods

where there’s no one to hear

the shouts and screams that until now

were only silent tears

I wish I could dive into ice cold rivers

that would numb me head to toe

and sink to the bottom with my secrets

of which no one will know

I wish the burden that weighs me down

would just crumble and fall

and with it every bit of me

my failures , follies and all








Clip art

I stopped by a new store to buy some paper and glue and found these cute wooden cut outs in a box .  Am guessing these are used as charms in crafting jewellery , but I picked them up for some tic tac fun . Also , used a couple on a few paper clips and they look so adorable 🙂 IMG_0413IMG_0416image

Haji Ali -Hide and Seek

The last time I went to Haji Ali in Worli , the sea was playing hide and seek with the causeway which is the only access to the Dargah. This evening , the clouds and sun played the game as we enjoyed the view .

Causeway to the Dargah




This view while biting on a yum sandwich and relishing a falooda from Haji Ali Juice Centre – super saturday 🙂