Little lessons

Stories of caterpillows

and monkeys on the moon

Any time is ‘masti’ time

Morning , night or noon .

Cups of chocolate milk ,

we are coaxed to drink ,

made with brinjals and pumpkins

Oh ! the things you think .

Innocent requests , on hot days ,

to the sun to go away

Begging birds ,by the window ,

to come and join her play .

What is this ? Where is that ?

There’s so much to know

Then run and slip and fall and rise

and  do it all some more .

Your happy face , the laughter

The fearless things you do

The child in us is kept alive

by a little one like you !


We are learning little lessons from our little girl . Everyday is about being imaginative , fearless , curious and innocent masti ( fun ) . Little  lessons from little ones !

Happy  children’s day !








There was a restlessness that would creep in just before 6 every evening. I would pick the phone and send a reminder about the medicinces that had to be taken. Of course , no one had asked me to , but I did . On a couple of occasions I was thanked and one time I was told that there are other ways of showing I cared . Then , eventually , I stopped.

Now ,  I can see those other ways of showing how one cares . Thank you 🙂



Ten !

Ten years ago , this night ! We hurried through choir practice , you headed home with a heavy head and completely under the weather , my gang and I had everything planned and there we were , a little before midnight , outside your home , candles , guitar and me serenading !

You were gobsmacked , your folks joined in the fun and your neighbours were amused .

Four days later , I married my best friend  .

So much has changed in this decade , things we never thought could happen to us (No one in between , how can be wrong ? ) Parton and Rogers definitely had me believing in infallibity for a while 🙂 Things I never thought I’d say , feelings I never imagined I could feel for another , a mess I never thought I’d become .

From driving me crazy to matching my crazy , from making me cry to weeping with me , it’s all happening and will continue .

Of all the lines from that song that night , one resonates more than the others ‘ without saying a word , you can light up the dark’ . This has been a dark phase for me and I cannot be grateful enough to you for being there .

I cannot believe we are TEN ! You won’t believe , for being the best friend I could ever have , I still give you TEN on TEN ! ( yup 18 years and counting)



Songs of freedom


She’s at my window ,

sweetly singing her song

and looks at me , as if urging,

“Sing , sing , sing along.”

She doesn’t croon to impress

Hers is a familiar trill

Her songs are songs of freedom

As she watches through the grill.

She is little and ordinary

as ubiquitous as can be ,

but she flies away, leaving behind

her songs of freedom for me .







This is me

Eyebrows that beg to be shaped

Hair and heels that need some love

This is me

I feel ugly on some days

I feel confident on other days

This is me

I am coping with mental health issues

Physically I wish I was healthier

But I do the best I can

This is me

I have loved and betrayed

Been loved and betrayed

I am learning

This is me

I have lost people ,

Those I can never see again

Those who’d rather not see me

This is me

I have given up hopelessly

Then picked myself up

This is me

I am not as weak as I once thought I was

I am stronger than I think I am

This is me .






A few of her favourite things

So the little one is 20 months old and has Some pretty unusual choices .

She calls Noah ‘ Nona’ . There hasn’t been a day since September 9 th when we haven’t gone through Nona and his animals and the BIG boat and the rain ( tup tup tup ) and 40 nights and the rainbow ! Pinocchio is forgotten , Alice in wonderland was a fad , but Nona reigns !

Apart from the regular rhymes and songs , she listens to a wide variety of music but the one she’s developed a liking for is ‘ Enjoy yourself , it’s later than you think !’ . It’s amusing , she loves the chorus , has picked up the lyrics and sings like she knows what it means .  Of all the songs , I never thought it would be a number from the 1950s .

And finally , cockroaches ! She can spot them anywhere , she thinks they are lovely creatures and protests and weeps if   they are harmed . Yup ! Cockroaches ! Not cute puppies or furry kittens , but cockroaches .

A few months from now , am sure her preferences will change and maybe then I will have a lot to smile about when I read this post , until then I am going to try and enjoy myself singing ‘ Enjoy yourself’ and I wish all those celebrating Diwali , a happy and fun festival ! Enjoy yourself !