Magic words

She was taught magic words when she was a toddler . Magic words like  thank you ,please , excuse me and sorry.  Beyond these social niceties , life taught her a magic word too . ‘Enough’ , the magic word that marked the beginning of being nice to herself !



A959B86B-1B2B-46C0-BDAF-3C3667EEEAFEWhere troubles melt like lemon drops , that’s exactly what I felt here. Hills , mist , fields , drizzle , rolling thunder and no ‘ to do list’. Igatpuri , my kind of place .





EED8632F-53E6-4186-92EB-15302866F165Stop , sit , stare and try to remember what you came here to forget 🙂


Time for love

‘So near, yet so far’ summed up their story. Busy , on the run , they’d manage to flirt and embrace for a few moments everyday . Then one day it all stopped. He wished he had told her how he really felt , she wished she hadn’t played hard to get .

Until almost a year later , a new set of batteries charged up their love story again . It was time to begin a new chapter for the hands of the clock. This time they didn’t waste any time. The first overlap and they sealed it with a kiss .


Word pictures ,I painted

of myself, stare at me

Dark , broken , desperate

I don’t like what I see.

Why did I  only dip brushes

in shades of black and grey,

when happy hues on the palette

hadn’t really dried away.

I cannot paint over those

reminders of love and pain

but am pulling out fresh canvas

to begin anew again.


Moving day

Finally !

I don’t have much that I’m taking along. The real ordeal has been about letting go and leaving behind . A few broken promises, relationships that have too many cracks and now beyond repair, people I placed in forgotten niches, journals that have more smudges from tears than stories in ink .

I look at what I’m taking along . It is so little , am scared , but there’s much to gain and look forward to .

I’m moving on to happier days , kinder people and more smiles . I think it’s time 🙂